Terms of Use for the Central Repository for Open Educational Resources of higher education in Baden-Württemberg, Germany (ZOERR)

[Status: 27.6.2018]

Please note: The translation is a service of ZOERR. Only the German version is legally binding.

§ 1 Scope of Application

  1. The Central OER-repository of the universities in Baden-Württemberg (ZOERR) is a platform for open teaching and learning materials that is accessible to everyone and that is released for processing and further use; only the publication of the content is reserved for university members. The repository is offered by the University Network Digitization of Teaching Baden-Württemberg (HND BW) and is operated by the University Library of Tübingen on behalf of the federal state Baden-Württemberg.

  2. The following Terms of Use regulate the handling of the materials on the platform as well as the rights and obligations of the OER creators or editors; the license models (in particular Creative Commons license variants) remain unaffected.

  3. The first registration includes the consent to these Terms of Use. Changes will be communicated via e-mail. If you continue to use the repository, you will also be deemed to have given your consent to the current form.

§ 2 Access

  1. The materials can be researched by anyone and are available for free download. Only active use (uploading content or saving changes and related functions) requires prior registration and is also dependent on a university affiliation.

  2. Registration is possible for all members of German universities: Members of the German Research Network (DFN) receive direct access via Shibboleth; otherwise it will be set up after an informal request via university email (to oer-admin[at]ub.uni-tuebingen.de).

  3. The user is obliged to keep the data (in particular the e-mail address and the institution affiliation) up to date so that contact by other users or the platform operator is possible. In addition, the user is obliged not to pass on his access data to third parties.

  4. Termination is possible at any time via email. All profile data will be deleted within 90 days; the posted content or the mention as (co-)author remain intact.

§ 3 Publish Materials

  1. Anyone who uploads their own materials assures that they are entitled to dispose of the copyrights (including any co-authors) and that third parties have not yet been granted any exclusive rights. Anyone who uploads third-party material assures that this is in accordance with any third-party copyrights. In both cases, the user must indicate all authors involved in the creation in the metadata.

  2. Uploading also ensures that the publication does not violate any other rights of third parties (in particular personal rights) and does not violate provisions of the Criminal Code (e.g. signs of unconstitutional organizations) or youth protection laws (e.g. content glorifying violence).

  3. The user holds the platform harmless from any costs for the defence against claims from third parties.

  4. Materials can only be published under a free license:

    1. "CC-BY" for content that may be used freely (also commercially), provided that the author is named

    2. "CC-BY-SA" for content that is free to use (including commercial) as long as credit is given and the new piece of work is released under the same license

    3. "CC-BY-ND" for content that may only be used in an unmodified form (also commercially) and with naming of the author

    4. "CC0/Public Domain" for content that may be used without restrictions because it cannot be protected (e.g. official works) or because its protection period (usually 70 years after the author's death) has already expired

  1. Materials posted will be made visible promptly by an editor; the deletion or blocking of content is generally not possible.

§ 4 Use Materials

  1. The materials may be used by all registered and non-registered users in accordance with the selected license.

  2. If materials are edited, this changed content can also be saved on the platform by registered users. If the original author(s) do(es) not raise objections to the changes made, the new material will be published with appropriately supplemented metadata.

§ 5 Rights and obligations of the UB Tübingen as operator of the ZOERR

  1. The ZOERR operator reserves the right to change the functional range and appearance of the platform as well as the Terms of Use; he does not guarantee error-free or uninterrupted accessibility of the content.

  2. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect a violation of these Terms of Use, the operator can block individual materials and a user's access; The editors decide on a possible deletion.

§ 6 Disputes

  1. The operator endeavours to settle any differences of opinion amicably; contact is possible at any time via email (to oer-admin[at]ub.uni-tuebingen.de).

  2. German law applies to the use of this platform.